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Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

“She knew the thought was coming from me.”

I was on a flight from Los Angeles to Tampa, Florida when I realized I had forgotten to leave the key under the front doormat for my friend Alice who was going to feed and walk the dogs.

Because she’s one of the few people who doesn’t carry a cell phone, there was no way I could call to tell her that I always hid a spare key in the shed beside the garage.  I could visualize my two collies running around the house, desperate to get outside to relieve themselves.  I could also visualize Alice’s look of disappointment and frustration at not being able to get inside the house.

The moment I got off the plane my cell phone beeped and it was Alice.  I started to apologize and explain where the extra key was hidden, and I was taken aback when she said she had found it and everything was OK.

I didn’t understand, as I had never revealed the extra key to her, but she said when she was standing in front of the door, the image of the key on a shelf in the shed kept appearing in her mind.  She said she knew the thought was coming from me, and she wasn’t the least bit surprised when she found the key precisely where she had envisioned it.

I’ve had somewhat similar experiences with my sister Jodi over the years but never with anyone else.  Even to this day, I’ll get an “instant message” from Jodi, and I’ll pick up the phone and tell her exactly what she had relayed telepathically.

Helen Basset
Jackson, Miss.

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

“I was devastated that day at Heathrow when we said goodbye.”

It was September, 2005 and I had just returned from a trip to Europe.  I had been gone the entire summer, and although I was glad to be back and get on with my life, I had mixed emotions because I had left Linda, the woman of my dreams.

Let me explain.

Linda was living in London, and we had met accidentally in a busy pub one Friday night.  We hit it off immediately, and I could tell by her face that she was really into me.  For the next several weeks, we were inseparable.  She had a part time job and every spare moment was spent with me.

But Linda told me she had no intention of leaving London and coming back to the states.  As I am at a place in life where I want to settle down and raise a family, I was devastated that day at Heathrow when we said goodbye.  Linda made it clear that although she loved me, there was no way she would compromise.

Tears were streaming down her face (I was controlling mine), but she was resolute, and that was that.

I spent the next month job hunting.  The European trip had been a present to myself after voluntarily leaving a job that I held for twelve years.  But Linda was never far from my mind.  In fact, this is why I’m writing you.

I believe in the power of positive thinking and that most of us possess psychic ability to one degree or another.

Although Linda and I had agreed not to write each other for fear of dragging out the agony, each night I meditated and silently called out to her to reconsider and come back.  Night after night after night, I envisioned hearing a knock on the door and upon opening it, there she stood, suitcase in hand, and a look in her eye that said I’m yours.

Well, I admit it didn’t happen exactly that way.  But she did come back six months later.  And the first thing Linda did was call me from the airport to ask me to come and get her.  When we finally laid eyes on one another, she said she had heard my pleas night after night and she repeated precisely the same words I had used.

Jesse Kelter
Covington, KY

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Tuesday, March 09th, 2010

“I kept shouting in my mind, ‘lie down, lie down'”

My wife and I were taking a walk in the neighborhood and we were stunned when we came across an unnerving sight.

Two youngsters were hovered over an apparently injured dog and they summoned us over to help them.  The Golden Retriever was lying on its side without an apparent injury.  He was able to raise his head, and typical of his breed, he licked anyone who tried to pet him.

But something was wrong because he wasn’t even trying to get up.

Then a passing car screeched to a halt, and a woman jumped out of the car.  “Sampson, Sampson,” she shouted as she rushed over to the dog.  “Oh I’m so happy I found you.”

And at that moment, the dog leaped to his feet, and you could almost see the joy in his face.  I explained to the woman that Sampson had refused to get up, and we didn’t know what was wrong with him.  She replied that Sampson had run off when the gardener had accidentally left the back yard gate open.

She went on to explain that she knew when a dog was lost it had a tendency to run and run until it was exhausted.  And the dog could end up tens of miles away from home.  “So,” she went on, “I kept shouting in my mind ‘lie down, lie down,’ with the hope I could silently communicate with him.”

I would have been skeptical had I not witnessed the event with my own eyes.  It was the most amazing thing I had ever witnessed.

Gary Emanuel
Las Vegas, NV

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Thursday, January 08th, 2009

“If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t have believed it.”

I am fifteen and a friend of mine said you publish true psychic stories if they meet two criteria:  they’re true and they’re interesting.

Here’s my story.  It’s true.  You can be the judge if it’s interesting or not.

My first and last boyfriend, Jeremy (not his real name as to not embarrass him), and I used to go down to the lake and hang out.  He is very shy and it took quite a while for him to even put his arm around my shoulders.

But one afternoon, I kind of kept leaning against him and he really didn’t have a choice but to hold me.  I could tell he was a bit nervous about it and sensed that maybe he had never done that before, but I could also tell he liked it and was very excited.

Anyway, just as I thought things would start to get interesting, we noticed a duck that was hobbling along, trying to fly but not being able to get off the ground.  Then we realized it had a broken wing, and we knew it was a matter of time before some animal killed it.

At first we tried to approach it, but it kept running away from us, stumbling and hurting itself more.  The more we tried, the more afraid it got.

Then Jeremy said, let me try something.  He asked me to move further away from the bird, which I did.  Then he sat down and closed his eyes.  Well, the darndest thing happened.  That duck at first kept walking away and by now it was thirty or forty yards away.  But then it stopped, slowly turned and looked at Jeremy.

Then, and I still find it hard to believe, it walked back, all the way up to Jeremy and just about sat in his lap.

We were able to bring it to the local vet who was nice enough to treat the duck for free and not charge us anything.  And Jeremy explained that when he sat down he silently communicated with the duck and told it he meant no harm.

If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t have believed it.

J. Bridgeport
Madison, WI

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Thursday, January 01st, 2009

“It wouldn’t have happened had I not picked up on his silent plea:  please stop.”

I shop in the same supermarket at least a few times each week.  For the last two years, I’ve passed by a gentleman who I know is single because of the things I see in his cart.  A woman can tell by what a man buys if he’s alone or not.  Of this I am sure.

I am by nature a shy person, but for so long I’ve wanted to approach him.  I can tell he’s a good man.  My instincts are rarely wrong, and I’ve heard him talk to the checkout people.  I knew he was intelligent, well bred and had a nice sense of humor.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try something I’ve used in the past, and that is to try to connect with him with my mind.  I admit I augmented it by trying to catch his eye and by smiling at him – things I’ve done in the past, but to no avail.

But this time when I spotted him in the frozen foods section I decided to walk towards him with the thought in mind that I love him.  Yes, I said love him.

Well, I must have had a wonderful look on my face because his face beamed and he smiled broadly at me.  He said hello as I walked  by.  I nodded and kept walking (remember, I’m shy), but then I heard a voice in my head say please stop.

I turned and said, “what?”  He kind of looked odd and I said did you just say please stop?  He replied that he hadn’t said it aloud but had thought it – those exact words!

We both laughed and at last the barrier between us was shattered.

We’ve gone out for coffee and dinner a few times since that day, and I have a hunch it will lead somewhere.  But it wouldn’t have happened had I not picked up on his silent plea:  please stop.

S. Gibbons
Oklahoma City, OK

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

“She had the eyes of someone ancient, someone whose experience had implanted both knowledge and sadness.”

I own a small temp agency and have being doing this for over twenty years.  Last week I had an experience I will never forget.  And one thing is very clear:  I will never be able to understand or explain what happened.

Her name is Marge and she walked in the door unannounced and without an appointment.

Marge is about forty years old, about 5’4″ tall, slightly stocky but with a very appealing presence.  She explained she had just moved to California from back East, and she was just settling in to her new life with her longtime boyfriend.

Marge sat down before I had a chance to tell her she needed an appointment, and I immediately had the impression that she was different.  Different in the sense that the look in her eyes was unlike anything I had ever seen.

It was a kind of “all-knowing” look.  She had the eyes of someone ancient, someone whose experience had implanted both knowledge and sadness.  And when she began to talk I was absolutely mesmerized by what she had to say.

She told me fascinating stories about her childhood.  Her father had been a missionary in Africa and was killed by a raiding party in Kenya when she was only a child.  She was then raised by an aunt because her mother never recovered from the violent death of her husband.

And her tales of her life with her aunt was fascinating because she explained that her aunt had remarkable powers of ESP and that many of these powers had been “transferred” to her.  By this she meant that she, too, could read minds and know exactly what someone was thinking.

Actually, when she told me this I was wondering what my wife’s reaction would be when I told her what I was now hearing.  To my surprise, Marge blurted out:  “She will think I’m crazy.”

I said, “What did you say?”  Marge replied: “Your wife will think I’m a nut.”  Well, that left me with no doubt whatsoever that Marge does, indeed, have the gift of ESP.

She went on to tell me other things that crossed my mind during our conversation, such as guessing correctly the names of two of my three kids’ names.  And something about my childhood that was very personal – which I don’t care to reveal to anyone else, not even my wife.

I’ve never had an experience like this before.

Two days ago, I was able to place Marge on a work assignment and I have very high aspirations for her.  She is an exceptional person.

C. Torres
Chico, CA

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