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Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

“He had the feeling we were on the same wavelength. I think he may be right. It’s now happened several times that we have come online at the exact moment.”

It was bedtime and as usual it was pandemonium in the house.

The kids were in various stages of turning in for the night. Little Jeffrey was crying because his sister took something from him. Of course, Julie denied it saying the book was hers. And their older brother Keith was busy at his computer doing God knows what.

I’m a single mom, and I lead a good life, but I yearn for a good man and to be married again. When the kids were finally in bed and the noise disappeared for another day, I sat down at the computer and was eager to see if I had another email from a newfound friend down in Texas.

His name is Cal. I guess it’s short for Calvin and we truly met by happenstance. Well, maybe there was a little more to it. That’s why I’m telling you about it.

About a week ago, I awoke in the middle of the night with the unusual feeling that something was amiss. I felt a little odd, and I couldn’t fall back asleep. After tossing and turning, I decided to get up and with nothing else to do, turned on the computer.

The moment I got on AOL, there was this IM that immediately came on the screen. It was from Çal, and he said he just woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep, and I was on his mind. He said he just went over to the computer and as he came on AOL, my name appeared on his buddy list.

We had met online a few days before and he had the feeling we were on the same wavelength. I think he may be right. It’s now happened several times that we have come online at the exact moment. Since this happens at different times of the day or night, I think we have connected with one another, at least telepathically.

W. Steiner
Juneau, Alaska

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

“I was devastated that day at Heathrow when we said goodbye.”

It was September, 2005 and I had just returned from a trip to Europe.  I had been gone the entire summer, and although I was glad to be back and get on with my life, I had mixed emotions because I had left Linda, the woman of my dreams.

Let me explain.

Linda was living in London, and we had met accidentally in a busy pub one Friday night.  We hit it off immediately, and I could tell by her face that she was really into me.  For the next several weeks, we were inseparable.  She had a part time job and every spare moment was spent with me.

But Linda told me she had no intention of leaving London and coming back to the states.  As I am at a place in life where I want to settle down and raise a family, I was devastated that day at Heathrow when we said goodbye.  Linda made it clear that although she loved me, there was no way she would compromise.

Tears were streaming down her face (I was controlling mine), but she was resolute, and that was that.

I spent the next month job hunting.  The European trip had been a present to myself after voluntarily leaving a job that I held for twelve years.  But Linda was never far from my mind.  In fact, this is why I’m writing you.

I believe in the power of positive thinking and that most of us possess psychic ability to one degree or another.

Although Linda and I had agreed not to write each other for fear of dragging out the agony, each night I meditated and silently called out to her to reconsider and come back.  Night after night after night, I envisioned hearing a knock on the door and upon opening it, there she stood, suitcase in hand, and a look in her eye that said I’m yours.

Well, I admit it didn’t happen exactly that way.  But she did come back six months later.  And the first thing Linda did was call me from the airport to ask me to come and get her.  When we finally laid eyes on one another, she said she had heard my pleas night after night and she repeated precisely the same words I had used.

Jesse Kelter
Covington, KY

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Tuesday, November 03rd, 2009

“I never thought I’d fall in love again”

For those of you who have experienced heartbreak and never thought you’d be whole again, my story may be an inspiration to you.

Call it intuition or coincidence or even a metaphysical happening, but when I was at my lowest point (and, yes, I even considered ending my life), something occurred that was almost too incredible to be believed.

It happened about eight months ago.  Brad, whom I loved and adored, and whom I had been dating for the last three years, sent me an email telling me he had fallen in love with another woman.  Yes, an email!

And he didn’t want to speak with me.  He wrote that I was not the person he wanted to live with the rest of his life and that he had met the woman of his dreams.  Needless to say, I was devastated.

I was a walking zombie for the next month.  I lost fifteen pounds (not a bad thing) because I was too depressed to eat.  Then the unexpected happened.

Saul, an executive, whom I had known at the last company that I worked for, called me out of the blue.  He had never shown an interest in me before, and even though I had found him to be quite attractive, I didn’t think he even knew I was alive.

He asked if I was still with Brad, and when I said I wasn’t, Saul wanted to know if I would go sailing with him.  Well, although I have a tendency to get sea sick, I jumped at the opportunity.

To cut to the quick, we hit it off, even though I was quite nauseous on that first date (which he thought was humorous), and we’ve been going together ever since.

So, you may ask, where did the intuition, coincidence or the metaphysical happening come into play?  Saul told me that even though we hadn’t been in touch since I had left his firm several months earlier, he woke up in the middle of the night with a premonition Brad and I broke up.  When he told me the precise date of his premonition, my knees almost went out from under me.  That was the night I received that fateful email from Brad.

Estelle Freemont
Reseda, CA

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Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

“I felt a pair of eyes staring at me”

I’m a twenty-five year old woman, single and to be frank, I have a difficult time attracting men.  Well, eligible men, I should add.  Somehow the wrong type of guy seems to be “turned on” by me, but I’m sick and tired of getting “worked over” by these fellas if you know what I mean.  Not in a physical sense, but by them not being honest with their intentions.

However, the other day as I was taking a casual stroll around the Whole Foods Market, I felt a pair of eyes staring at me.  When I looked up, I saw this very nicely dressed man smiling at me.  At first I started walking away.  I guess that’s my normal instinct, to run when I’m not sure what to say or do.  But I forced myself to stop, turned around and smiled back.

Well, he turned out to be the nicest guy I’ve met in some time, and in the few short days we’ve known each other, we’ve talked on the phone for hours.  We’ve been out every evening since that eventful day at Whole Foods.

So what’s so strange about this potentially great relationship, and why am I writing the California Astrology Association to get my story published?

I dreamed about it the night before we met.  I admit the man in my dreams didn’t look at all like Arthur, but I did dream about a man standing beside a beautiful stack of oranges.  And so help me, that’s exactly when I spotted Arthur for the first time.

In fact, Arthur had already picked several and was standing there, smiling at me, holding the plastic bag of oranges.

Sarah Birnbaum
Kansas City, MO

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