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Thursday, November 13th, 2008

“She had the eyes of someone ancient, someone whose experience had implanted both knowledge and sadness.”

I own a small temp agency and have being doing this for over twenty years.  Last week I had an experience I will never forget.  And one thing is very clear:  I will never be able to understand or explain what happened.

Her name is Marge and she walked in the door unannounced and without an appointment.

Marge is about forty years old, about 5’4″ tall, slightly stocky but with a very appealing presence.  She explained she had just moved to California from back East, and she was just settling in to her new life with her longtime boyfriend.

Marge sat down before I had a chance to tell her she needed an appointment, and I immediately had the impression that she was different.  Different in the sense that the look in her eyes was unlike anything I had ever seen.

It was a kind of “all-knowing” look.  She had the eyes of someone ancient, someone whose experience had implanted both knowledge and sadness.  And when she began to talk I was absolutely mesmerized by what she had to say.

She told me fascinating stories about her childhood.  Her father had been a missionary in Africa and was killed by a raiding party in Kenya when she was only a child.  She was then raised by an aunt because her mother never recovered from the violent death of her husband.

And her tales of her life with her aunt was fascinating because she explained that her aunt had remarkable powers of ESP and that many of these powers had been “transferred” to her.  By this she meant that she, too, could read minds and know exactly what someone was thinking.

Actually, when she told me this I was wondering what my wife’s reaction would be when I told her what I was now hearing.  To my surprise, Marge blurted out:  “She will think I’m crazy.”

I said, “What did you say?”  Marge replied: “Your wife will think I’m a nut.”  Well, that left me with no doubt whatsoever that Marge does, indeed, have the gift of ESP.

She went on to tell me other things that crossed my mind during our conversation, such as guessing correctly the names of two of my three kids’ names.  And something about my childhood that was very personal – which I don’t care to reveal to anyone else, not even my wife.

I’ve never had an experience like this before.

Two days ago, I was able to place Marge on a work assignment and I have very high aspirations for her.  She is an exceptional person.

C. Torres
Chico, CA

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