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Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

“We came to a bridge, and once again I saw the same figure. He wasn’t moving, and I asked my dad, ‘Do you see that?'”

When I was nine years old, my dad and I were on our way home from a very important horse show that I hoped would qualify me for the State Fair.

Instead, I had lost my one point. Two years of work down the drain in seconds!

On the way home as we drove down a hill I saw a figure kneeling by a house, dressed in a white robe. Right after seeing him, I said to myself, “If there is a super human being out there, make him give me another chance to qualify.”

A few minutes later, we came to a bridge, and once again I saw the same figure. He wasn’t moving, and I asked my dad, “Do you see that?” He didn’t answer, so I grabbed the wheel and slammed on the brakes.

We skidded across the bridge and almost ran off the road. My dad asked, “What the hell is wrong?” All I could say was, “You almost hit the man! He was on the bridge!” I jumped out and ran back to the bridge. I looked and looked, but he was nowhere in sight.

As I stood there, I felt a rush from my feet out through my fingertips. At that moment, I knew I had qualified for the horse show.

When we walked in the door, my grandma told us that there had been a mistake and I, in fact, had qualified.

J. Eckhoff
Orlando, FL

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

“Then a force I had no control over picked me up, pushed me into the kitchen and made me put my hand on the wall. It was burning hot!”

On the day I turned seven, I saw very clearly my two uncles pass me on the stairs of our home. They waved hello as they went by.

My mother asked me who I was talking to. I said, “Uncle Ben and Uncle Will.” The only thing was, they had both died a few years earlier.

After I was married, my husband and I moved into two other homes where people had died. I saw their ghosts so very clearly. I had not known these people but was told that I had described them perfectly.

Time passed and we moved into a friend’s home. One night my husband was working, and I was alone in the house. I was washing my dishes and standing next to a wall when a voice clearly said, “Put your hand on the wall.”

It scared me and I thought, “Why?” Again came the voice, “Put your hand on the wall.”

Instead, I went into the living room and sat on a chair. Then a force I had no control over picked me up, pushed me into the kitchen and made me put my hand on the wall. It was burning hot! To my amazement, the room behind the kitchen was on fire apparently due to a faulty wire, and the house was filled with fire and smoke within minutes.

The fire department told me two minutes more and I may never have gotten out of that house alive.

D. Piotroski
Trumbull, CT

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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

“I looked up and saw a long, big silver box with red on top of it floating across the room. Dark figures walked beside it.”

My psychic experience is one I will never forget because I recorded the time – 4:17a.m. The event involved the son of one of my dearest friends, a young man who was as close to me as my own son.

On December 23rd, around 4a.m., I opened the door for my daughter who was coming home from work. I was still up because I never go to sleep until very late. I went back to the bedroom, turned out the light and settled down.

All of a sudden, I heard a horrible crashing sound coming from the right-hand corner of the ceiling. I looked up and saw a long, big silver box with red on top of it floating across the room. Dark figures walked beside it.

Around 8:30 that morning, my daughter came into my bedroom crying, “Mother, Kevin was killed this morning around 5:30 a.m. in a car wreck.”

We were all torn apart. I didn’t think of my vision again until I went to the funeral home. His mother and I were standing in front of the casket talking and crying when I said, “That’s what I heard and saw.”

I realized the silver was the casket, the dark figures were the pallbearers, and the red was the U.S. flag draped across the coffin. The noise I had heard was the crashing car.

I had seen the incident one hour and thirteen minutes before it happened!

J. Ely
Wise, VA

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Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

“He was sound asleep when in his dream he heard the voice of a spirit who told him to wake up and get out of the house at once.”

I stop at my favorite coffee shop each morning and even though I don’t drink the stuff, I nurse my bottle of water, read the paper, and occasionally strike up a conversation with a nearby patron.

On this day I was talking to a nice Asian lady. She was young and pretty, about twenty-five or so, and dressed beautifully. She told me a fascinating story about her family.

Her father is Cambodian and knew dozens of people who had lost their lives during the terrible purge there. He apparently barely escaped with his life on several occasions and attributed it to a spirit that took him under its wing.

He had been targeted by the Kamir Rouge who were determined to exterminate the educated and professionals, along with anyone who had worked for the previous government. He was sound asleep when in his dream he heard the voice of a spirit who told him to wake up and get out of the house at once.

He did so and as he turned the corner, he looked back and saw several men with weapons storm into his home. Fortunately, two weeks earlier he had already sent his wife and two children to a safer haven.

Hiding in the fields for days, then weeks, he had several more visions that kept him just out of the reach of the invading forces. It seemed that every time he was in trouble, his “spirit guide” would lead him to safety.

He reported that prior to that first incident he had never had a vision like this before. And upon leaving Cambodia, his spirit guide must have stayed behind to help others because he never heard his voice again.

G. Morales
St. Louis, Missouri

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

“She knew the thought was coming from me.”

I was on a flight from Los Angeles to Tampa, Florida when I realized I had forgotten to leave the key under the front doormat for my friend Alice who was going to feed and walk the dogs.

Because she’s one of the few people who doesn’t carry a cell phone, there was no way I could call to tell her that I always hid a spare key in the shed beside the garage.  I could visualize my two collies running around the house, desperate to get outside to relieve themselves.  I could also visualize Alice’s look of disappointment and frustration at not being able to get inside the house.

The moment I got off the plane my cell phone beeped and it was Alice.  I started to apologize and explain where the extra key was hidden, and I was taken aback when she said she had found it and everything was OK.

I didn’t understand, as I had never revealed the extra key to her, but she said when she was standing in front of the door, the image of the key on a shelf in the shed kept appearing in her mind.  She said she knew the thought was coming from me, and she wasn’t the least bit surprised when she found the key precisely where she had envisioned it.

I’ve had somewhat similar experiences with my sister Jodi over the years but never with anyone else.  Even to this day, I’ll get an “instant message” from Jodi, and I’ll pick up the phone and tell her exactly what she had relayed telepathically.

Helen Basset
Jackson, Miss.

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Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

“She had never seen him like this and didn’t think he was coming back.”

I don’t know if I’m psychic or not, but I’ll tell you something that happened to me a month ago that could not possibly be attributed to coincidence.

I was in my car driving to work when I suddenly had the urge to call a friend of mine, Cal, whom I hadn’t spoken to for awhile.  Cal and I had been pretty close to one another for at least twelve years, but since he remarried it seems he’s been preoccupied with his new bride.  And I don’t blame him, Nina’s a beauty inside and out.

But this day, I simply felt the need to hear his voice.  I didn’t know why, but the urge to call him was irresistible.  I punched in his number on my cell phone, switched it to “speakerphone,” and waited for him to answer.

The response wasn’t at all what I had imagined.

Nina answered and I could tell from her voice she was badly shaken.  I asked what was wrong, and she said Cal and her just had a knockdown, drag-out fight after which he stormed out of the house.

I assured her that all couples get into it once in awhile, but she said she had never seen him like this and didn’t think he was coming back.  I told her I would see what I could do.  But when I hung up I realized I didn’t have a clue as to where or how to get in touch with him.

You see, Cal is one of a vanishing breed that refuses to carry a cell phone.  He is a very fortunate guy who made his fortune early on, and he spends most of his days reading, exercising or taking in a movie.  Unless he is home, getting in touch with Cal is virtually impossible.

But as I continued driving to work, I kept having this vision of Cal sitting on a bench on a parkway overlooking the ocean.  I knew that parkway, and had a hunch he was there.  I made a U-turn to see if my vision was correct.

Five minutes later, I was parking my car when I saw the bench that was in my vision.  But no Cal.  I was surprised that I didn’t see him, and started to drive away.  But something told me to get out of the car, which I did, and I went over to the bench and sat down.

I stared at the ocean for a bit, then I felt a hand on my shoulder.  Without looking up, I said, “Cal, what the heck do you think you’re doing?  Nina is the best thing that’s ever happened to you.”

That’s how positive I was that my vision had been true.  And it was.  Cal sat down next to me, confessed he had been drinking and had blown a simple disagreement way out of proportion.

I immediately dialed his number and when Nina answered I handed the phone to Cal.  Well, the poor guy apologized for the next ten minutes.  I had to get back to work, so I urged him to go home and make up in person.

That’s my one-in-a-million psychic story.

Alexander Drovner
Santa Monica, CA

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