Tuesday, March 09th, 2010

“I kept shouting in my mind, ‘lie down, lie down'”

My wife and I were taking a walk in the neighborhood and we were stunned when we came across an unnerving sight.

Two youngsters were hovered over an apparently injured dog and they summoned us over to help them.  The Golden Retriever was lying on its side without an apparent injury.  He was able to raise his head, and typical of his breed, he licked anyone who tried to pet him.

But something was wrong because he wasn’t even trying to get up.

Then a passing car screeched to a halt, and a woman jumped out of the car.  “Sampson, Sampson,” she shouted as she rushed over to the dog.  “Oh I’m so happy I found you.”

And at that moment, the dog leaped to his feet, and you could almost see the joy in his face.  I explained to the woman that Sampson had refused to get up, and we didn’t know what was wrong with him.  She replied that Sampson had run off when the gardener had accidentally left the back yard gate open.

She went on to explain that she knew when a dog was lost it had a tendency to run and run until it was exhausted.  And the dog could end up tens of miles away from home.  “So,” she went on, “I kept shouting in my mind ‘lie down, lie down,’ with the hope I could silently communicate with him.”

I would have been skeptical had I not witnessed the event with my own eyes.  It was the most amazing thing I had ever witnessed.

Gary Emanuel
Las Vegas, NV

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