About Us

A recent CBS poll reported that 48% of Americans believe in ghosts and 22% claim to have seen one.

Belief in other forms of paranormal and occult phenomena are on the rise, resulting in a surge of interest in the “invisible world.”

TruePsychicStories.com is sponsored by the California Astrology Association (CAA) for the purpose of sharing all types of experiences outside the mainstream.

CAA was founded in 1970 with the belief that the “invisible world” can dramatically improve a person’s lot in life, whether it concerns a lost love, a serious financial matter, or a seemingly hopeless situation.

We provide authentic metaphysical products and services at affordable prices to our clientele in over ninety countries. The majority of our business is with repeat customers and referred customers who seek to benefit from the remarkable forces of the “unseen.”

We invite you to learn more at www.calastrology.com.