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Thursday, January 01st, 2009

“It wouldn’t have happened had I not picked up on his silent plea:  please stop.”

I shop in the same supermarket at least a few times each week.  For the last two years, I’ve passed by a gentleman who I know is single because of the things I see in his cart.  A woman can tell by what a man buys if he’s alone or not.  Of this I am sure.

I am by nature a shy person, but for so long I’ve wanted to approach him.  I can tell he’s a good man.  My instincts are rarely wrong, and I’ve heard him talk to the checkout people.  I knew he was intelligent, well bred and had a nice sense of humor.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try something I’ve used in the past, and that is to try to connect with him with my mind.  I admit I augmented it by trying to catch his eye and by smiling at him – things I’ve done in the past, but to no avail.

But this time when I spotted him in the frozen foods section I decided to walk towards him with the thought in mind that I love him.  Yes, I said love him.

Well, I must have had a wonderful look on my face because his face beamed and he smiled broadly at me.  He said hello as I walked  by.  I nodded and kept walking (remember, I’m shy), but then I heard a voice in my head say please stop.

I turned and said, “what?”  He kind of looked odd and I said did you just say please stop?  He replied that he hadn’t said it aloud but had thought it – those exact words!

We both laughed and at last the barrier between us was shattered.

We’ve gone out for coffee and dinner a few times since that day, and I have a hunch it will lead somewhere.  But it wouldn’t have happened had I not picked up on his silent plea:  please stop.

S. Gibbons
Oklahoma City, OK