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Thursday, October 02nd, 2008

“I think he unnerves most people as he appears to see right through them.”

My cousin Matt (not his real name because I don’t want to embarrass him) is the most amazing psychic I’ve ever known or even read about.

When we were young, he would play tricks on us because he’d always be one step ahead.  We assumed he was simply smarter than us, but as we got older we realized he had special gifts that made him very, very special – not necessarily smarter, but special.

For instance, when we were ten or eleven, he would do things like predicting where our family would take a vacation even before my folks were even thinking about it.  He once told us a friend of ours, Joel, was going to be in a accident, and sure enough, Joel fell off his bicycle the next week and fractured his arm.

As an adult, Matt has floundered a bit.  He has moved from job to job, maybe because he has a hyper personality.  But he always seems to have enough money because he plays poker at least twice a week.  He says – and I have no doubt it’s true – that he “knows” who has a good hand just by looking in a person’s eyes.  His psychic abilities have grown, he says, and his predictions come true more often than not.

Unfortunately, Matt is still single and doesn’t seem to hit it off with the women.  I think he unnerves most people, as he appears to see right through them, knowing their innermost thoughts.

I love him and still think he’s special.

M. Castinoff
Dearborn, MI

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

“I am a gifted psychic and I can read minds with ease.”

My profession is representing sportswear companies and my territory spans up and down the West Coast.

I have been blessed with what I call a special talent.  In effect, I am a gifted psychic and I can read minds with ease.  This is why I feel I’ve been so successful on the sales end.  Put simply, I can see the wheels spinning in my customer’s mind and because of that I am prepared in advance for anything they decide to throw at me.

For instance, when I’m on the phone, I can tell beforehand if a person is really interested or is shining me on.  I can also tell how hard a bargain someone is willing to drive; that is, I know when someone will walk away from a deal or is merely trying to get a better price out of me.

All this helps me in my negotiations, and it also enables me to have better relationships with my clients.  They see me as someone who sympathizes with them because I am able to read their minds, know what they want, and smooth the way.

I also am somewhat of a gambler, and visit from time to time in Las Vegas or Reno.  I love poker, and you can imagine how I have a certain amount of one-ups-man-ship in that I have above average instincts as to whether a person is bluffing or not.  And that is a huge advantage for me.

I haven’t made a fortune in gambling, but I am way ahead of the game.  I feel I have been blessed with psychic talents and I don’t feel it’s right to translate these powers to a card table.  So I do partake in poker, but to a reasonable extent.

J. Hillinger
Newport Beach, CA

Thursday, May 01st, 2008

“It did help me at the poker table.  I’ve made a lot of money.”

My profession is business.  I am the owner of a medium-sized company, and I often apply my psychic skills to help give us an edge on the competition.

I first started to notice my “gifts” when I was a youngster.

Mostly, it occurred on the ball field where I often found myself anticipating what was about to occur.  If it was a baseball game and I was at the plate, sometimes I could just “feel” where the exact location of the pitch would be.  If it were in football, I’d know where the quarterback was going to throw the ball.

It didn’t happen every time, otherwise I’d be making millions, but it occurred often enough to alert me that I had something extra going for me.

And it did help me at the poker table.  I’ve been playing for years, have made a lot of money – a lot of money – and I must admit I’ve been tempted to play professionally.  Because my business was handed down to me by my father, and to him by his father, I feel it’s my obligation to keep the tradition going.  One day my son, if he’s interested, will follow suit.

My psychic skills help me anticipate what my competition is going to do and when.  I can usually read the mind of the person sitting on the other side of my desk and help negotiate the best product at the best price.  Some people may call this intuition, but what I have is far beyond what the normal person feels.

And in my personal life, I can anticipate what my lovely wife is thinking, trying to keep one step ahead of her.  And I believe my oldest child, Emily, who is now in her last year of medical school, is benefiting from the same psychic powers.  We have had many long talks about it, and she says she knows she has these powers and has used them in a positive way.  Needless to say, I am very proud of her.

Life is sometimes difficult, but with this added edge, it’s a definite help.

K. Dreyfuss
Kansas City, KS