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Thursday, October 02nd, 2008

“I think he unnerves most people as he appears to see right through them.”

My cousin Matt (not his real name because I don’t want to embarrass him) is the most amazing psychic I’ve ever known or even read about.

When we were young, he would play tricks on us because he’d always be one step ahead.  We assumed he was simply smarter than us, but as we got older we realized he had special gifts that made him very, very special – not necessarily smarter, but special.

For instance, when we were ten or eleven, he would do things like predicting where our family would take a vacation even before my folks were even thinking about it.  He once told us a friend of ours, Joel, was going to be in a accident, and sure enough, Joel fell off his bicycle the next week and fractured his arm.

As an adult, Matt has floundered a bit.  He has moved from job to job, maybe because he has a hyper personality.  But he always seems to have enough money because he plays poker at least twice a week.  He says – and I have no doubt it’s true – that he “knows” who has a good hand just by looking in a person’s eyes.  His psychic abilities have grown, he says, and his predictions come true more often than not.

Unfortunately, Matt is still single and doesn’t seem to hit it off with the women.  I think he unnerves most people, as he appears to see right through them, knowing their innermost thoughts.

I love him and still think he’s special.

M. Castinoff
Dearborn, MI