Thursday, August 21st, 2008

“I am a gifted psychic and I can read minds with ease.”

My profession is representing sportswear companies and my territory spans up and down the West Coast.

I have been blessed with what I call a special talent.  In effect, I am a gifted psychic and I can read minds with ease.  This is why I feel I’ve been so successful on the sales end.  Put simply, I can see the wheels spinning in my customer’s mind and because of that I am prepared in advance for anything they decide to throw at me.

For instance, when I’m on the phone, I can tell beforehand if a person is really interested or is shining me on.  I can also tell how hard a bargain someone is willing to drive; that is, I know when someone will walk away from a deal or is merely trying to get a better price out of me.

All this helps me in my negotiations, and it also enables me to have better relationships with my clients.  They see me as someone who sympathizes with them because I am able to read their minds, know what they want, and smooth the way.

I also am somewhat of a gambler, and visit from time to time in Las Vegas or Reno.  I love poker, and you can imagine how I have a certain amount of one-ups-man-ship in that I have above average instincts as to whether a person is bluffing or not.  And that is a huge advantage for me.

I haven’t made a fortune in gambling, but I am way ahead of the game.  I feel I have been blessed with psychic talents and I don’t feel it’s right to translate these powers to a card table.  So I do partake in poker, but to a reasonable extent.

J. Hillinger
Newport Beach, CA

Category: Psychic Ability
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