Monday, June 15th, 2009

“Her face was ‘exactly’ as I had seen it in my dream.”

I’ve been divorced for over twelve years now, and neither I nor my ex-husband Anthony had remarried.

We’ve stayed in touch infrequently because both our kids are grown and there’s no reason for us to communicate.  Although it was an amicable divorce, as with most partings there are still lingering hard feelings.

The other day, my son was telling me about a letter he had received from his father.  I suddenly blurted out that he must have remarried.  My son said no, that wasn’t in the letter and to his knowledge he wasn’t even seeing anyone.

I didn’t know why that notion had suddenly popped into my head, as after all these years I had never mentioned the idea of marriage before.  Then a day later, my son received a call from his dad saying that he indeed got married and didn’t know how to break the news.

Later that night I dreamed of Anthony standing next to his bride.  And I could see her face very clearly as well as the exact clothes she was wearing.

The next week, my son received another letter from Anthony, and in it was a photo of his wedding.  Just as in my dream, there they were, standing next to each other in the identical pose.  Although her dress wasn’t anything like it was in my dream, her face was “exactly” as I had envisioned it.

T.  Rotelli
Bologna, Italy

Category: Premonition
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