Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

“I received the scolding of my life.”

When I was at work the other day, I smelled smoke.

I walked around the office peeking inside trash baskets, opening closet doors, and examined the small lunchroom.  Although I found nothing, I was sure I smelled smoke.

I received a call two hours later and learned that my son’s school had a small fire in the cafeteria.  Fortunately, no one was hurt and the damage was minimal.

A few years ago, I had a premonition that a good friend of mine had a miscarriage.  She was pregnant and was having a difficult time.  The doctor had prescribed complete bed rest, and she was ordered to stay in bed for the rest of the pregnancy.

Not wanting to call and alarm her, I simply stopped by to see how she was doing.  Her son opened the door and told me his mother had been rushed to the hospital.  I learned that she hadn’t had a miscarriage but did indeed have a scare.

One more thing:  When I was a child, I blurted out to Peggy, one of my mother’s closest friends, that she was sick and should go to see a doctor.  My mother was furious with me and I received the scolding of my life.  She explained that nothing was wrong with her friend and asked why in the world I would say something like that.

Two weeks later, Peggy was in the hospital when her appendicitis burst.

N. Pendergrass
San Jose, CA

Category: Premonition
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