Friday, May 29th, 2009

“My dead uncle appeared and said I should wake up at 3:30.”

Several years ago I had the most unsettling dream.

My dead uncle appeared and said I should wake up at 3:30.  He kept repeating it over and over:  wake up at 3:30, wake up at 3:30.  The strangest thing about that night was the fact that when I did awake, it was exactly 3:30.

I didn’t think much about that episode until two years later when my grandfather died.  The time on his death certificate was 3:30AM.

Recently, I had another unusual experience.  I was driving to work in the morning when suddenly my neck stiffened up.  I could barely turn my head to see the cars beside me, and I was afraid I might cause an accident.

When I arrived in the parking lot, all of a sudden my neck was OK.  It was as if nothing had happened to it.  Very, very strange.

Later that evening, I received a call from a long time friend of mine.  She said she had sad news to tell me.  That a mutual friend of ours had passed away from a long illness that very morning.  When I asked if she happened to know the time, she said she was there when it happened:  about eight o’clock…the exact time my neck stiffened up.

P. Andresson
Zurich, Switzerland

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