Thursday, April 10th, 2008

“Was this a forecast of disaster for our new place”?

It was moving day, and Jeff, my husband, was acting odd.

He’s a calm, self-contained person and as solid as a rock.  But something was wrong, I could tell by his look.  When I asked him about it, he said everything’s OK, not to worry.

This is what was going through my mind as we were awaiting the moving van to arrive.  We had been shopping for a home for over a year.  Finally, we located a house in the suburbs where we felt the kids could go to a good school and we could live there for years to come.

While I was standing outside the front door, watching hopefully for the moving van, Jeff came up to me and said he was feeling weird.  He took my hand and said he was having visions and thoughts racing through his mind, but, unfortunately, they weren’t clear, and he was a bit confused.

He said something odd was going on, but he didn’t know what.  I had never seen him this way, and I was concerned.  Also, the van was late, and that troubled me as well.

Jeff said that premonitions of disaster were taking over his mind and that he knew something had happened.  He just knew it.

Now the van was half an hour late.  Then an hour, then two hours.  We called the company but no one answered.  The phone kept ringing but no one picked up.

We were beside ourselves with anxiety because we had sold our current house and the new owners were prepared to move in the next day.  What were we going to do if these guys didn’t show?  And was this a forecast of disaster for our new place?

Then the phone rang.  There had been a horrible accident on the freeway.  Our moving van wasn’t involved, but they were sitting there unable to move.  They said things were starting to clear up and they would be here in thirty minutes.

All of a sudden, Jeff ran out to the front lawn where I was standing. He had the TV on and he was watching the helicopter hovering over the accident.  He said the disaster he was watching on TV was the same vision that had been in his mind since the moment the van was late.

He said, “I saw it happen.  I saw one car ram into the center divider and bounce off and slam into another car.  I saw the entire thing in my mind.”

Well, the moving van finally arrived, and we have been living in the new house for several weeks.  And my normally calm, skeptical husband is still telling everyone about his premonition of disaster.

B. Helenski
San Diego, CA

Category: Premonition
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