Thursday, April 16th, 2009

“I do believe fate brought us together.”

Tom and I were married three years ago.

We had met on a computer dating service, and we feel truly lucky that our paths crossed.  What we didn’t realize when we first met were how many incredible coincidences occurred before meeting one another.

Now mind you, Tom is from a small town in Indiana and I’m from Nebraska.

First of all, his sister and my best friend had roomed together in the dorm at Duke.  Tom’s uncle Manny knew my uncle Bruce while working at a GM plant in Detroit.  And although we had never met previously, nor even heard of one another, both Tom and I had worked for the same retail chain but in a different part of town.

On the night Tom and I met at a coffee shop, we also realized we:

  1. Frequented the same coffee shop and had seen each other on numerous occasions but never spoke.
  2. We were currently reading the same book.
  3. We had the same major and the same minor as undergraduates.
  4. We wrote down on a sheet of paper our favorite movie, then showed it to each other.  It was the same.
  5. Our mothers have the same first name.
  6. We each have one sister, one brother.
  7. We visited Paris the same week in 2005.

Anyway, although it’s nothing astounding, I thought you’d be interested because I do believe fate brought us together and all these coincidences meant we were right for each other.

F. Brownstein
Lincoln, NB

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