Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

“He said, ‘Go back to your mother now.'”

Bernard had come down with cancer and his health was failing rapidly.  He was only forty-five years old and up to that time he had been quite active and in good health.

One Saturday morning, Bernard told his son Johnny to go out and play, that he was feeling weak and needed some sleep. The eight year old nodded and went out to the back yard to play on the swing set.

No sooner had Johnny sat down on the swing, he noticed his father walking out the yard and down the road.  “Daddy, daddy,” he called after him.  At first, the man didn’t turn or even acknowledge his son’s call.

Johnny started to run after him.  Bernard stopped slowly and said, “It’s OK.  Go back to your mother now.”

Johnny ran into the house but was met by his mother who he noticed had tears in her eyes.  “It’s better you not come in right now,” she said.  Then she went on to explain that his father isn’t in pain anymore and that he had passed away.

“But I just saw him,” cried the little boy.  “I did, too,” said his mother.  Apparently, she had seen the vision of Bernard walking out of the house, and a few moments later, Johnny saw his father walking down the road.

She reports that from time to time when she is in the kitchen she can see his vision in the garden.  “It only occurs for a few seconds, and then I can’t see him anymore.  I think he comes to check on us, to see if we’re OK.  That’s the way he was in real life, and I think he’s showing me he still cares for us.”

M. Marquais
Albuquerque, NM

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