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Thursday, August 28th, 2008

“I felt confident in my ability to predict the future.”

What I am about to tell you is a true story.  Had I not experienced it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it.

I’m originally from South Bend, Indiana, home of the Fighting Irish.  For me it was a strange environment to grow up in because I was never really into football.  In fact, to this day I have never stepped inside the Notre Dame stadium.

As a kid I was pretty skinny and not particularly coordinated.  This didn’t go well with my father who was supposedly a pretty good shortstop.  He even had a tryout with the Philadelphia Phillies.

And he would have made the Big Leagues had he not thrown out his arm. I know, because he’s told the story a thousand times.

My brother played ball and was a whiz, and I suppose my father favored him quite a bit.  Unfortunately, he looked at me with pity…that is, until I started making a lot of money.  Then everything changed.

I was still in college when I started dabbling in stocks.  At first I was doing it with what little spare money I had.  But despite the small amount of money I had to invest, I seemed to be doubling and tripling my equity every six months.

I felt confident in my ability to predict the future and did this not only with the stock market but with my social life as well.  I could look in a girl’s eyes and know exactly what she thought of me, how much she liked me, what she’d like to do with me, etc.

My financial escapades didn’t go unnoticed by my father back home, and one day he suggested I could invest his and my mother’s savings.  I told him I would as long as he didn’t mind that I would always keep at least half their money in conservative cash accounts.

You see, I couldn’t bear to lose my folks hard earned savings.  That would hurt me more than them.  So I started investing their money slowly, carefully, with all kind of safeguards built in just in case we had a sudden recession.

Over the years I have made quite a lot of money for both my family and myself and I owe it mostly to my flair for “seeing” the future.

C. Spizio
Indianapolis, IN

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Thursday, December 27th, 2007

“I’ve learned that Samuel applied his psychic talents to make his fortune.”

I met Samuel in college.  He was handsome and dashing, with a wicked sense of humor.

He and I dated for most of our sophomore year, but he dropped out after that semester and I never saw him again.

I would hear rumors that he was betting heavily on the commodities market in Chicago, and making a bundle, but beyond that I knew very little about his whereabouts or his personal life.

Then, about a year and a half ago, a good friend of mine told me he had sat next to Samuel on a flight to Seattle where Samuel had a home.  Turned out Samuel had several homes according to my friend, but what interested me most was the story how Samuel made his fortune.

When Samuel and I knew each other, he had always impressed me with his ability to “look around the corner.”  He could literally “see” what was going to happen in the future.  Not everything, of course, but a lot.

For instance, he would tell me where the stock market was going, whether up or down; and he was rarely wrong.  Now some people just have a good sense of economics, but with Samuel, it was a lot more than that.  He had intuition and foresight that I had never seen before or since.

Samuel could also delve inside my head, telling me things I had never revealed to anyone.  And that, I felt, was an extraordinary gift.  He would laugh and tease me, and sometimes I was amused.  Sometimes, however, I felt embarrassed.

So, after all these years, I’ve learned that Samuel applied his psychic talents to make his fortune.  And I’m happy for him.  And, no, I haven’t tried to get in touch with him again.  I hear he’s happily married and drives his wife crazy by reading her mind.

S. Golden
Arlington Heights, IL