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Thursday, September 04th, 2008

“Within seven to eight weeks, the poor woman was dead.”

I want to relay an incident that occurred while I was in the hospital a few months ago.

The patient next to me was a young woman and she seemed to be in decent health.  Her doctor had requested she come in for a full checkup because she had an ongoing infection that wasn’t going away.

I had a strange feeling the moment I laid eyes on her and I feared for her life.  She was the mother of two adorable young children and she had so much to live for.

Somehow, when I was talking to her I felt I was talking to a dead woman.  It was weird and I felt terrible about it.

I happened to be in the room when her doctor came in to tell her about the results from a battery of tests they had given her the day before.  By the look in the doctor’s eyes, I knew what was coming.

To make a long story short, within seven to eight weeks, the poor woman was dead.

I’ve had similar incidents (not many) where I could look into someone’s eyes and predict oncoming doom.  Back in college, I was casual acquaintances with this fellow, a real nice guy, and in my heart I felt there was an aura of tragedy about him.

Well, nothing happened to him while we were at school, but a year and a half later I learned he was killed in a motorcycle accident.

When I was just a kid, my mother told me how I had blurted out to my aunt Clara that she was going to die.  I was spanked for that episode, but a year later my poor aunt died of cancer, something that hadn’t been detected until shortly before her death.

I wish I didn’t have this ability of premonitions of death, but I’ll live with it.

V. Wentworth
Saratoga, FL

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