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Thursday, July 03rd, 2008

“She had one heck of a gift”

This is an old story, something that happened to me way back in college.  At the time I thought it was extremely strange, and now that I think back on it, it’s so unbelievable, it’s almost as if hadn’t ever occurred.

I was living in the dorm at the time and my roommate, Ken, was always on the phone with his girlfriend, Cara.  Needless to say, it was extremely annoying as he was always chatting away as I was studying.  It was a small room, and he would just shrug when I’d motion for him to keep it down.

His girlfriend was nice but a bit flaky.  She and I kind of got along, but it wasn’t the warmest of friendships.  However, she had the most amazing psychic abilities of anyone I’ve ever come across, before or since.

When I would ask Ken to keep it down, sometimes he’d hand me the phone and say Cara wants to talk to you.  As soon as I’d get on, she’d say something outrageous like I know what you’re thinking, or I know what happened to you today.

And more often than not, she’d hit it right on the nose.  Things that had happened to me that I hadn’t told Ken about.  It was weird, but she did it to me so many times that I started to take it for granted.

For example, one day she told me that I was about to get a call from home about my brother or sister, something about good news happening to one of them.  About an hour later, mom called to tell me that my brother Jeff had been accepted to Princeton.

Another time, Cara told me the next day would be a really bad day.  Sure enough, someone hit my car while it was parked by the student lounge.  Another time she asked me about my stomach.  Now there was no way Ken could know because it had just started bothering me, but she picked up on it.

I lost touch with Ken after college and never did find out if he and Cara stayed together.  But she had one heck of a gift.

J. Karros
Skokie, IL