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Thursday, March 13th, 2008

“All she could say was, how did I know.”

Over the past few years, I’ve had several incidents in which my premonitions or hunches forewarned me.  One of them, in fact, possibly saved my life.

When my eldest daughter went off to study in London during her junior year, she would call me every day, at least during the first month she was there.  On the day when she hadn’t called, I had a feeling that she was sick.  When I called her, I heard myself blurting out, “How’s your stomach?  Is it any better?”  All she could say was, how did I know.

My brother is in the army and one day my arm started bothering me.  I had this burning sensation and it wouldn’t go away.  When I got home I immediately called him to ask if everything was OK.  When he replied that he just had seven stitches in his arm, I wasn’t the least bit surprised.

But the vision that I had last month was the one that perhaps saved me from a terrible accident.

I was riding my bike when it started to rain.  Although I am a cautious person by nature, I found myself going a little too fast around the corner on my way home.  Suddenly, I had the feeling that I had to get off the street – and immediately!

Without knowing why, and without seeing anything up ahead that was in my path, I swerved my bike up onto a nearby sidewalk.  Then I applied my brakes and came to a complete stop.  It was raining harder now and I felt a little stupid standing there doing nothing but getting soaked.

It was then that a car in a driveway just down the street where I was headed bolted out onto the street in reverse.  The driver, a young man with no sensibilities whatsoever, could have possibly run me over had I not had that premonition.

My knees were shaking very badly as his car raced by.  He had no idea how close he came to running me over.

T. Fernsteen
Miami, FL

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