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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

“We used to drive our parents – particularly our mother – a little crazy.”

My identical twin brother Edwin is working in Tokyo and loves it.  He loves the people, the culture, the food, and when he emails or calls to tell me about it, I let him know that I’ve seen the same sites – through his mind.

You see, Edwin and I have been very, very close since childhood.  And I “see” what he sees.  And he does the same.

We’ve always been on the same wavelength.  When we were kids in the same class, sometimes (if the vibes were right) I could relay the answer to a question if he was having trouble.

When playing football, I knew exactly what he was thinking, where he wanted me to pass the ball.  Occasionally, we even dated the same girl without her knowing we were switching around.  It was all in fun, and we never tried to embarrass anyone.

One time, our ESP bailed us out of a potentially dangerous situation.  We were walking down the street late at night when Edwin pulled my arm and said let’s get out of here.  We started running, and as we passed an alley two guys started running after us.  They apparently had been waiting for us to pass by and were going to hold us up.  Fortunately, Edwin and I used to run track, and our ability (and fear) allowed us to get away.

As youngsters we used to drive our parents – particularly our mother – a little crazy.  We’d answer her before she had a chance to ask us something.  Dad always laughed at our gifts, but Mom was a stickler and didn’t want to be outdone by her little kids.  She would smile occasionally, but we did it all in good humor.

B. Perkins
London, England