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Thursday, December 18th, 2008

“Aware that Albert had psychic capabilities, she turned the room over to her aide and went to the principal’s office.”

My ex-girlfriend, Mona, is an elementary school teacher, and she relayed a story once about one of her third grade boys who had advanced capabilities of ESP.

His name was Albert, and he was a chubby kid who didn’t do well in sports but had a knack for knowing in advance what a person was going to say.  Mona would have to reprimand him from time to time because he would often just blurt out things without asking permission to speak.

One day he kept shouting out that the wall was hot, the wall was hot.  When Mona would ask what he was saying, Albert would simply shrug and say nothing.  About the third or fourth time he yelled it out, Mona, aware that Albert did have psychic capabilities, turned the room over to her aide and went to the principal’s office.

She said that although she was embarrassed to report the incident, she felt that since the building was full of kids, she didn’t want to take any chances.

Fortunately, the principal asked a maintenance worker to check out the building and sure enough, the furnace had malfunctioned, causing a nearby wall to overheat.  The building was evacuated and the firemen rushed over within minutes.

Albert had indeed saved a potentially dangerous and costly fire.

Mona said Albert would sometimes start an assignment before she gave it to the class.  And he would often interrupt her in mid-sentence and finish the sentence for her, even if he had little knowledge of the subject.

Albert is now in the sixth grade, and although he has learned to not interrupt as much, his current teacher has told Mona how she is in awe of his psychic powers.

D. Bolinsky
Eugene, OR

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