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Thursday, December 25th, 2008

“He ‘had a feeling’ that something bad was happening out here.

Randy is an old friend of mine, and she has always enjoyed using her psychic powers in a humorous way.  But recently she told me a story that was harrowing, and her unique talent may have saved her life.

She was on vacation driving alone late at night on an isolated road in the countryside when her rental car started acting up.  She said the motor started jerking and sputtering, then finally conked out.

It was getting dark and her cell phone couldn’t get a connection.  Scared to death, she just sat there not knowing what to do.

Only one car had come alone, and seeing that she was stranded, had pulled alongside her.  She said it was occupied by some thugs who made remarks she’d rather not mention.  They didn’t offer to help and they were definitely trying to scare her.

As they drove off, she heard one of them mention that they intended to return later on to “have some fun.”

Randy was beside herself and she said all she could think of was to pray and concentrate on being saved by another passerby.  But no one came along.

Then to her horror she heard movement in the bushes alongside the car.  She looked up and it was three of the men who had stopped by earlier.  She said by the look on their faces, they were intent on doing something terrible.

One of them tried opening the door.  Finding it locked, he kept pulling on it, then laughed and said if she didn’t open it, they were going to smash the window.

Just as she had given up all hope, a light flashed from a distance.  As it got closer, the men ran off, jumped in their car and sped away.  The light turned out to be a local sheriff who told Randy that he “had a feeling” that something bad was happening out here.  And on a hunch, he decided to check things out.

Randy believes that somehow the sheriff had picked up on her mental distress signals and it could have saved her life.

N. Offerstein
Birmingham, AL

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