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Thursday, December 11th, 2008

“I didn’t know why she was upset because I had forgotten about her prediction.”

A close friend of mine had an uncanny knack for fixing up people who ended up getting married.

Her name was Julie, and the surprising thing is she never married herself.  After all, she was quite pleasant looking and had a nice figure.

Julie, in fact, fixed me up several years ago with someone I knew but didn’t particularly care for.  Mitch was always kidding, was a bit louder than I care for someone to be, and to be frank, he never gave me the time of day.

He was part of a group I’d hang out with and somehow we didn’t seem to hit it off.

That’s why I was surprised when Julie suggested she’d arrange to have the two of us over for dinner.  She said she knew in her heart that we misunderstood each other and if we’d let our defenses down, we’d be a sure match.

She, of course was correct, and Mitch and I have been married for five years.  We have one child and one on the way.  The sad thing is several years ago Julie told me she wasn’t destined to live long and she even predicted the year in which she’d pass away.

In November 2007, my good friend Julie died in a tragic accident in her workplace.

I had spoken to her only days earlier and she seemed nervous and upset.  I didn’t know why because I had forgotten about her prediction.  But a few weeks after her funeral, I happened to pick up an old journal of mine and realized her death occurred not only in the year she predicted, but the month as well.

W. Drummond
Liverpool, England