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Thursday, January 15th, 2009

“It was as if she was channeling him wherever he was.”

I noticed something strange with Annie, our dog.

Normally, around five-thirty in the evening, she starts to walk in a sprightly manner, her tail will wag and she’ll have more energy.  Despite being pretty old (she’s twelve), she still gets excited when my husband, Bill, returns from work.

But this evening Annie appeared sullen.  I didn’t know why until the phone rang.  It was Bill and thank heaven nothing was seriously wrong, but he had been delayed on the way home by a horrendous traffic jam and he said it would be another hour before he’d walk in he door.

Somehow Annie knew it.

When she was just a puppy, she could pick up on Bill’s mood even when he wasn’t home.  It was as if she were channeling him wherever he was.  On the day he was given an unexpected promotion at work, Annie was all over the house with excitement.  In fact, she was so excited she had at least two “accidents” inside the house, and that was highly unusual for her.

Another interesting incident was the time Bill and I were taking a riding lesson at the stable.  My sister was waiting at the barn, and when we returned she commented on how Annie suddenly awoke from her sleep and started pulling on the leash and barking.

When I asked about what time that happened, I wasn’t the least bit surprised to learn it was the exact time we had turned the horses around and headed back to the barn.

C. Matthews
Houston, TX

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