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Thursday, December 04th, 2008

“Olga has powerful psychic abilities that been so beneficial to my firm all these years.”

This is a true story about a person I hired over fourteen years ago as a clerk who rose to become operating manager of my company.

Her name is Olga and she is from Sweden.  She first came to the U.S. speaking very little English but learned the language quickly.  It was apparent to me from the beginning that she had great potential.

She moved rapidly up the organization and it was fascinating to watch her interact with the other employees as she not only has a great work ethic but has what she calls “supernatural” powers.

Olga truly has ESP and can pick up on many problems within the office even when she isn’t there.  For instance, she once called when she was on vacation hundreds of miles away.  She asked me if there was some hanky-panky going on with the postage meter.

Well, that very morning I had discovered one of the new women in the office was bringing in several pieces of her own personal mail and running it through our meter.  Olga surely had picked up on our predicament.

Another time she sensed that one of our workers was stealing supplies from the back room.  She stopped the man one evening, ordered him to open his brief case, and sure enough, there were several expensive items that he had been stealing.

During meetings with Olga over the years, there were countless times when she would ask about things that would be occurring in my life that I had never mentioned to her.  Her psychic powers never ceased to amaze me.

K. Brand
New Orleans, LA