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Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

“Stewart did appear as predicted, and we went together for four years.”

I moved to Sacramento, California when I was eight years old.  My father, a salesman for a large pharmaceutical company, had been offered a job in management and my folks couldn’t refuse the offer.

At first, my older sister Jan and I were upset because we had to leave all our friends back in New Jersey, but we quickly settled into our new lives.  The most startling change of all was meeting Mr. Marksay, our next-door neighbor.  To this day, and I am now in my early thirties, this man was the most remarkable person I have ever met.

You see, Mr. Marksay could peer into the future.  I mean it.  When we were little, he’d sit us down and tell us what he saw.  In the beginning we thought he was just telling us fairy tales.  But one day Jan said that he was actually telling us what was about to occur.

He didn’t do it often but when he did tell us something was going to happen, it almost always did.  For example, one time he told Jan that she’d meet someone new that day that had just transferred to school, and this person would become her best friend.  It happened.

Another time when I was in my teens, I mentioned to Mr. Marksay that I had a boyfriend.  At first he laughed then he told me it would only last another week, but a new boyfriend whom I already new would fill the gap, and we would be together a long time.  Well, Stewart did appear as predicted and we went together for four years.

When Mr. Marksay got sick and didn’t have long to live, Jan and I were away at college.  One evening I received a call from Jan and she said she knew he had passed away.  She said she had a terrible sinking feeling that night and the next day our parents told us that Mr. Marksay had passed away.  The very moment Jan had that awful feeling.

Minny Thailer
Newport Beach, CA