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Tuesday, February 01st, 2011

“It occurred to me that because of our unique chemistry, I was picking thoughts out of her brain.”

When I retired as a schoolteacher and moved to Florida, I decided I didn’t want to sit at home all day and watch TV, so I hired myself out as a part time nanny and babysitter.

Work went fine for the next month or two, then I had the strangest experience of my life.

As I walked up the steps of a house to introduce myself to a new family, I could feel my sensations becoming more acute. Anna, the woman of the house had hired me over the phone; she said my references were impeccable and she couldn’t wait to meet me. As I approached the front door, I had the strangest feeling I knew this house. Yet, I was new to the area, and I was a bit confused.

When the door opened, there was Anna with a big grin on her face. I liked her instantly as I knew I would. I glanced over her shoulder into the room and felt very much at home. As she gave me a tour of the house, I started telling her in advance what each room looked like. At first Anna was stunned – as was I – and I explained to her the strange sensations I had as I first approached the house.

We were both amazed when I described not only the layout of the master bedroom, but the individual pieces of furniture as well as the various things she had strewn around the room. Then I realized what was happening.

Occasionally, I find myself really connecting with a person. When this happens, it appears that we are of the same mind. And I certainly connected with Anna the previous night on the phone. I liked her melodic voice, her easy laugh which was kind of a giggle, and I could tell she was a genuinely nice person.

It occurred to me that because of our unique chemistry, I was picking thoughts out of her brain. This had happened to me previously, but only with people I really liked. So, when Anna and I were walking around the house, as we approached a room that she obviously knew so well, I was simply picking up bit of information from her mind.

H. Amberheart
Tampa, FL

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Thursday, February 28th, 2008

“He started thinking about me a week or so ago and couldn’t get me out of his mind.”

I come from a working class family.  Everything I’ve ever earned was due to hard work and dedication.

However, I want to tell you about an experience that brought me happiness and joy that I never dreamed of.  And it was all due to luck, or what some might call – psychic intuition.

It occurred several days ago and I had to write you and tell you about it.  That’s how excited I am.

A good friend of mine, Mel, called and said he had something urgent to show me.  At the time I was busy with work and a personal problem I was having with one of the kids, and I tried to postpone getting together.  But I could tell by the tone of Mel’s voice, and his insistence that we meet immediately, that I had to concur with his wishes.

The moment I saw Mel, I knew something was up.  He took me by the arm and led me into his small office, which was located in the rear of his home.  He unwrapped a package and showed it to me.

It was beautiful sculpture of a horse.  It was made of bronze and was stunning.  He said his uncle Josh with whom he had been out of touch with for some time had sent it to him out of the blue.  It was a very touching gift from someone he hadn’t seen in over a year.

Obviously, his uncle cared a great deal for Mel, and it was reflected in the quality of this gorgeous gift.

Then Mel handed me another package.  This one was smaller, and to my surprise, it had my name on it.  I didn’t understand and was a bit shocked because I had only met Mel’s Uncle on one occasion.  Although I do remember we really clicked, and had spent a good part of the day together.

You see, I have been divorced for many years, and Josh had never married.

I opened the package to find a beautiful bracelet. It was stunning, in fact.  I didn’t know what to say.  What was puzzling to me was that Josh had popped into my mind recently and I simply couldn’t stop thinking about him.  Yet, we hadn’t seen each other for at least a year, and that was the only time we had been with each other.

In fact, we hadn’t even communicated by letter or email since that time.

Well, there was a note included in the package, and Josh wrote this beautiful little poem that essentially said he started thinking about me a week or so ago (the same time I started thinking about him), and couldn’t get me out of his mind.  And he wanted to send me something.

Needless to say, I wrote him a nice note and said I’d look forward to seeing him again.  He’ll be in town next month and I can’t wait to see how things develop.

W. Sturgeous
London, England