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Thursday, September 18th, 2008

“Somehow she had taken a wrong turn and was pretty frightened.”

My husband and I like to travel.  Luke retired a few years ago and we’ve been leading the life of leisure ever since.

What unnerves him, however, is how perceptive I am when it comes to visiting new places.  What I mean is, we’ll get off the train or plane in an area we’ve never visited previously, and I’ll have an immediate sense of where we are.

For example, we’ll be in a taxi going to the hotel and I’ll start pointing in various directions telling him where certain historic sites are without even looking at a map.  Of course, if I wanted to I could have checked out the sites beforehand on a map, but somehow I instinctively know where things are.

It doesn’t happen all the time, and it never happens when I try too hard.  But when I’m relaxed and not thinking about it, I’ll suddenly blurt out that we’re only a block or two away from a specific place.  And when I do that, I’m rarely wrong.

I also have ESP abilities with my oldest daughter.  It doesn’t matter where she is; in fact she can be hundreds of miles away, but if she stubs her toe or has indigestion I can often feel it at the same time.

Once, when she was a child, she had lost her way home from school.  Somehow she had taken a wrong turn and was pretty frightened.

I picked up on her anxiety, and without being told anything was wrong, I went out to look for her and took all the correct turns to find her.  There she was, sitting on a doorstep crying just as I had envisioned.

M. McMartin
Bolder Springs, CO