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Thursday, June 26th, 2008

“I saw him on the Parkway and I knew I wanted to meet him.  But how?”

This is a true story about how I met the man of my dreams.

I’m a runner.  I jog almost every morning, and one of the things that eases the boredom is I’m a people watcher.  And for the past few years I’ve seen this nice looking man walking on the Parkway as I pass by.

I’ve tried to catch his eye several times but he always seems to be preoccupied either in deep thought or with the beautiful surroundings.

Then one afternoon while I was sitting on my folding chair reading a book, I noticed he was doing the same, not more than twenty yards away.  I was so tempted to walk over and start a conversation but didn’t have the nerve.

I went home and I was so disappointed.

Then an idea struck me.  I was pretty sure he was single.  I had never noticed a ring, and I never saw him with a woman.  So, I had an inspiration.  I would go online and do a search on a few of the dating services.  I figured he lived in the same zip code I did.  And I ran a search in the age range I estimated for him.

Presto, there he was.  So, now what to do?

Well, I took a deep breath and sent him an email asking him if he was, indeed, “that man” on the Parkway.  Then I awaited his reply, and I must admit I was very, very anxious.

His response was gracious and he said he was that man and asked if I’d like to meet on the Parkway and chat.  We did and we clicked.  And, yes, we are getting married next summer.


T.  Eschure
Los Angeles, CA