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Thursday, July 17th, 2008

“If she reads this, I’m going to be awfully embarrassed.”

This happened to me about fourteen months ago.

I was walking my dog at a neighborhood park when I spotted a woman I had seen one time before.

She had a striking look about her and I wanted to approach her so bad, but sometimes I have this shy streak, and I eventually went back home, muttering to myself that I didn’t have the guts to even try.

That night I was sitting in the den watching TV when I had the strangest premonition.  I envisioned that woman at the local liquor store looking at the various wines.

It was weird and at first I didn’t think anything of it because I felt my imagination was just running away with itself.  But then I found myself heading out the door, getting in the car, and driving the few blocks to the store that was so clear in my mind.

I parked the car, walked in, and wasn’t the least bit surprised that she wasn’t there.  I hung around for a while, bought a six-pack of Coke and went back into the car.  I was chuckling to myself as I drove back home.  It was a fool’s mission and I knew it.

The following night when I was walking in the park again, I wasn’t paying attention and almost bumped into someone.  It was that woman!  As I was apologizing, she said weren’t you at the liquor store last night?  I nodded and she went on to say she was driving up as I was driving away.

Well, at this time we’re not exactly dating, but we do go out for coffee or a movie occasionally.  And if she reads this, I’m going to be awfully embarrassed.

W. Helms
Fresno, CA