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Thursday, November 06th, 2008

“A feeling came over me that I was standing next to a giant, a giant that would not be defeated.”

I want to relay an incident that happened to myself and a good friend of mine.

We were taking a stroll in a park near my home here in Tampa.  It was a dark night and drizzling, so very few people were out.  Suddenly, out from the bushes jumped two young men.  I knew we were in for some serious trouble, and I was scared out of my wits.

My friend, Stan, however, whispered to me that he would do all the talking and cautioned me not to make any quick moves.

I did as he said because Stan was the type who could take care of himself.  Although he was in his mid-fifties, Stan had boxed while in the navy.  However, that was a long, long time ago and I wondered what Stan had in mind.

The two men approached us.  They were both over six feet tall and had an arrogant attitude.  And they had smirks on their faces.  I was really frightened.

They made no bones about what they wanted and held out their hands without saying a word.  They were asking us for money, but as I started to reach for my wallet, Stan grabbed my arm without saying anything.  Then he pointed at them.  I mean he thrust out his arm and just stood their pointing, his finger only inches away from one of the men’s eyes.

The man tried to slap Stan’s hand away from his face, but Stan’s arm didn’t budge.  I could see the smirks on their faces disappear, and I was amazed to see fear in their eyes.  Somehow Stan was overpowering them with his mind.

The two men seemed to hesitate for a moment or two.  It was eerily silent, but Stan’s gaze seemed to penetrate them, and slowly, very slowly, they started to retreat.

Afterwards, Stan explained that he learned in the Navy that if he convinced himself that he was all-powerful, he could convey that attitude to others, and in the past it had kept him out of several confrontations.

I know one thing for sure and that is during the attempted hold-up a feeling came over me that I was standing next to a giant, a giant that would not be defeated.  It was an incredible incident and I will never forget it.

B. Waine
Tampa, FL

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