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Thursday, April 17th, 2008

“She told me a story that sent chills down my spine.”

Cancel my order now!  That is what I told the man on the phone.  I said nothing but bad is going to come of this, so please cancel my order!

That is what occurred last week, and I’ll tell you a very odd story and how it came about.

I needed some work done in my back yard.  Things were piling up in the rec room that had formerly been in my garage, and I needed someone to build me a shed so I could store things.

I had asked my friends for recommendations but no one knew of a good contractor, or at least someone who had done work for them recently who was capable and honest.

Just at that time, I received a flier in the mail from a handyman who said he was a professional carpenter and could build anything; and that he could do it quickly and reasonably.

I called him immediately and within a few hours, he was walking through my back yard giving me an idea of what the shed would look like and what it would cost.  He seemed to be a likable guy and I felt he could do the job.

Then a weird thing happened.  I started having bad dreams, and some of them revolved around the new shed.  I saw it getting darker and darker, and it seemed like it was surrounded by evil spirits.  It was very, very strange…and nothing like this had ever happened to me before.

I figured it was nothing more than the normal feelings one gets when dealing with new people – until I received a phone call from a neighbor down the street.  She had seen the man’s van parked in front of my house and she told me a story that sent chills down my spine.

She had hired him for a small job on her property several months ago, and he had stolen valuable tools from her garage.  Although she couldn’t prove anything, and therefore didn’t call the police, she was certain he did it.  She cautioned me to never let him on my property again.

I felt my dreams were a warning, and I called and told him not to come.  I just wish I could alert other people to this man but there’s nothing I can do.

T. Willows
San Antonio, TX

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