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Thursday, February 26th, 2009

“Patton believed in forces that ‘we could neither see, nor explain, nor understand.'”

The famous general, George Patton, believed he had led numerous lives in the past, most of them as warriors.

What most people don’t know is how Patton relied on a close advisor who the General believed had psychic powers.  Patton never revealed the name of his confidant but once relayed this story:

“It was the evening before a particularly critical encounter with the enemy, and I wasn’t sure if the strategy I had laid out to my men earlier in the day was the right strategy.  Normally, I don’t second-guess myself, but somehow in my gut I felt something wasn’t right.  In fact, something was terribly wrong, and I didn’t want my loyal soldiers going into battle with an inferior plan.

“I asked an aide to bring me my ‘secret weapon’ whom I would call upon from time to time to give me his ‘sense’ of whether or not my tactics were to pan out OK.  I admit I smiled a bit when I explained my second thoughts on ‘my’ own decision as he had always accused me of demeaning everyone else’s decision-making ability.

“But my men’s lives were at stake and I was destined to go to hell if I didn’t do everything possible to minimize their losses.”

To the surprise of the officers who reported to him the next morning, Patton did change his battle plan moments before the conflict began.  Subsequently, the enemy was taken by surprise, outmaneuvered and eventually overwhelmed by Patton’s tanks.

Patton explained that he believed in forces that “we could neither see, nor explain, nor understand.  But nevertheless they are present.  And should we not heed their wisdom and powers, we will be doomed to fail.”