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Thursday, August 07th, 2008

“I saw it with my own eyes.”

I have an interesting profession and although I can’t say whom I work for, I can tell you that I design software for some companies that are on the leading edge of development.

One project I recently completed involved predicting future events by coordinating complex mathematical equations with the efforts of selected individuals with a high degree of ESP powers.

And for the skeptics out there, I want to tell you that the “gifts” some of these people have are outright amazing.

One man in his fifties can tell you exactly what’s inside your wallet.  He could also predict with slightly less than fifty percent accuracy what my wife would be serving for dinner that night.  And he could tell me approximately what happened in the stock market that day without listening to the radio or reading it beforehand.

Another man in his early twenties could, if he concentrated hard enough, move a tiny rolled-up cotton ball – with his mind.  It only went a fraction of an inch, but I saw it with my own eyes.  And we have it on film.

Believe me, our procedures ensured that no tricks were played.  And I can attest that the powers of the mind haven’t really been explored yet.

Tests with animals are also uncovering amazing psychic talents.  A golden retriever that we used in our test labs (and trust me, he was treated wonderfully and safely) was able to sense things that were beyond any human’s capability.

I can’t tell you precisely what we derived from these tests because I’ve signed a letter of confidentiality.  But I do believe the findings we’re learning today will benefit mankind in the near future.

T. S.
Boston, MA

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