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Thursday, January 03rd, 2008

“Maybe the spirits that infest that place had it in for only me.”

I want to relay a story that happened to me recently, and it was so strange I can hardly believe it myself.  So, if you are skeptical after you read this, well, I can’t really blame you.

My name is Martin and I am a contractor.  I build homes and I also refurbish homes as well.  I can take a fixer-upper and turn it around faster than almost anyone else in the business.  And it is this latter skill of mine that almost cost me my life a little over a month ago.

A young couple had contacted me, asking me to work on an old home they had recently purchased with the idea of fixing it up and selling it for a quick profit.  That being my specialty, I was happy to offer my services.

What I didn’t know was the place was haunted.

Well, I’ve never believed in that sort of thing, and when I was told that spirits inhabited the place and that a murder had occurred there a few decades earlier, I didn’t give it a thought.

When my crew started tearing down some walls and really getting into the thick of things, strange things started happening.

At first, the accidents were relatively harmless.  One of my workers tripped over a two by four and narrowly missed falling on a sharp piece of metal stuck in the ground.  An electrician got a pretty bad shock, but after a few moments he seemed to recover quickly.

It wasn’t until my ladder, for no reason whatsoever, seemed to be knocked from under me, leaving me literally hanging from the side of the roof.  It was then that I started to sense that forces beyond my comprehension were working against us.

I cautioned everyone to be extra careful and to work on the buddy system, to stay together and to be aware of any pitfalls.  But one afternoon when we were wrapping things up, I got the biggest scare of my life.

Without warning, the bathtub from the upstairs bathroom fell through the ceiling missing me by inches.

I can’t tell you how fast I got out of there, and I told the couple that I simply wouldn’t go back in the house.  I felt bad for them because it was a nice piece of property, but I’d bet my life it was haunted.

I’ve been told that they did have the work completed by another crew, and maybe the spirits that infest that place had it in for only me.  I’ll never know, and I don’t want to find out.

M. T. Gianetto
Orlando, FL