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Thursday, October 09th, 2008

“She was in love and I didn’t want to spoil it.”

I was visiting my friend, Janice, in Chicago last week and had a very unusual experience.

She and I were roommates when we attended Northwestern University several years ago and we’ve remained in touch ever since.

Janice was living with Mark her boyfriend, and he and I seemed to bump heads the moment we met.  There was something amiss with him but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Although he smiled and seemed pleasant enough when we first met, I was suspicious of him but didn’t know why.

And I didn’t want to mention it to Janice.  She was in love and I didn’t want to spoil it.

Then I learned he kept borrowing money from her, promising that he was using it to start a new business.  Somehow it didn’t add up because when I would ask him about it he would be purposely evasive.  I was positive he was taking her for a ride but couldn’t prove it; worse of all, I had to bite my tongue for fear of antagonizing Janice who thought the world of him.

The last day of my visit I awoke with a vision of Mark spending the day at the racetrack.  I don’t know why I had it, but somehow it made sense to me.  Mark was using the money he was taking from my friend, and blowing it at the track.

I had a late flight out that day, so I decided to take a chance and drive out to the racetrack that afternoon.  And sure enough, there he was.  I took several pictures of him with my cell phone camera, and when I showed them to Janice she nearly passed out.

Fortunately, their relationship has ended, mostly due to my hunch that day.  From time to time I do have visions that I can’t explain.  And usually they are helpful to me.  In this case, I helped a good friend of mine and she says she’ll never forget it.

J. Saransky
Peoria, IL

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