Thursday, February 21st, 2008

“My son had “felt” the crash and had actually toppled over in the kitchen.”

It was seven o’clock in the evening and I was stuck in traffic.

I had worked a long day and I was beside myself because it was my son’s birthday, and I had told him I’d be home early and we’d all go out for dinner to celebrate.

Worse yet, my cell phone’s battery was running low, and I couldn’t call home to alert everyone I was stuck in traffic.

Then this motorcycle, seemingly out of the blue, crashes into me.  Fortunately, I had my seatbelt on, but the other guy goes flying over the top of my hood, crashing to the ground.

I rushed out of my car to help him, but I could see he wasn’t moving.  He was unconscious and blood was streaming from his head.  Pretty soon the ambulance arrived.  I don’t know how they got through the traffic, but somehow they did.  They took the poor fellow away.  I heard later on that he survived but did suffer a serious injury.

My car was damaged but fit enough to drive.  When I finally pulled up to the driveway at my home, my wife could see I had been in an accident and she rushed into my arms.  When I told her what had happened, she said she knew.

I didn’t understand, but she explained that my son had “felt” the crash and had actually toppled over in the kitchen.  When I asked if she remembered what time it was, she said ten minutes after seven, which happened to be the exact time the motorcycle had hit me.

M. Parstran
Arlington, VA

Category: Telepathy
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