Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

“It is unnerving knowing she can see what I am envisioning.”

I work for an advertising agency as a copywriter and I want to relay my experiences with a graphics artist that never fail to astonish me.

Her name is Angel, and she is truly an angel.

The way we work it here in the office is I’m given an assignment, usually a product for which to create an ad.  I’ll write the copy than arrange a meeting with Angel so she can do the artwork.

Our mission is to create an ad or ads that people will be drawn to and remember.  When I first sit down with Angel, I am usually geared up to present her with my ideas, but most of the time she simply picks up on my thoughts and starts sketching ideas that I have in my mind.

I don’t know how she does it, but time after time she usually hits it on the mark.  She has the ability to climb inside my head, and it’s both fascinating and unnerving.

One minor problem is she is quite beautiful and sexy, but we stay careful not to get personal as our company has strict policies about “extra-curricular” activities.  The problem, of course, is sometimes I can’t take my eyes off her and she knows exactly what I’m thinking.  I mean to the last detail, if you know what I mean.

It has happened more than once when I have a vision of the two of us in a compromising position, and she has whispered in my ear, “Nice thought but forget it buster.”

Fortunately she has a good sense of humor, but it is unnerving knowing she can see what I am envisioning.  It helps in creating an advertising campaign but embarrassing when I’m thinking of “other” things.

B. Andrews
White Plains, NY

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