Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

“I think it proves there are spirits looking after us.”

I’m a believer in spiritual forces that help us, at least some of time.

I’ve had several experiences during my lifetime to know that certain happenings weren’t merely coincidences.  One example is the time when I was shopping with my mother in a downtown department store.

I was eight years old and my mother and I were separated when I had apparently wandered off without her noticing.  As she tells the story, she panicked and frantically started looking for me.

She had this horrible thought that someone had taken me by the hand and was leading me out the store.  And she had a clear vision of exactly what he looked like.

Well her vision was mostly on the mark because a man was holding my hand and he looked exactly as she had envisioned – but he was a security guard and he was staying with me until I was reunited with my mom.  When she saw the two of us, she was about to scream until she realized he was protecting me.

Another time my younger brother, James, was being picked on by a bully in the schoolyard.  At the time, I was playing on the other side of the building and suddenly my arm started to ache.  Somehow I knew he needed me.  When I ran over to see what was happening, James was crying and holding his arm where the other kid kept hitting him – in the same part of the arm that was hurting me.

I think most people have had similar experiences, and I think it proves there are spirits looking after us.

Janice Conwell
St. Petersberg, FL

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