Tuesday, February 09th, 2010

“Somehow I was hearing his silent cries for help.”

It was a cold day in Minneapolis and I wasn’t in the mood to go out in subzero weather.  So I grabbed a book I had purchased the night before, and I was ready to spend a comfortable afternoon huddled before the fireplace.

Little did I know I would soon be running around in the cold searching for the frantic cry for help I kept hearing “inside my head.”

It was the weirdest experience I had ever had.  One moment I was engrossed in a biography of Winston Churchill, the next I was dashing down the stairs of my apartment building without having any idea where I was headed.

At first, I had heard faint whimperings.  I thought maybe it was my imagination.  I day dream a lot and have a lot of imaginary conversations going on in my mind.  Call me strange, but that’s the way I am.

But the voice in my head started to grow louder and louder, and more frantic.  I couldn’t understand what was going on, but then it occurred to me that perhaps someone was in distress and somehow I was hearing his silent cries for help.

It was then I grabbed my heavy coat and rushed down the stairs not having a clue as to where I was going, and kind of hoping no one I knew would ask where I was headed.

I literally ran out the front door, stopped, looked around and let my senses take hold.  I started walking one-way, stopped again, and suddenly I had the urge to cross the street and move across the large lawn of a very old house.

It was then I heard the voice again, but this time it wasn’t inside my head, it was real.  I could actually hear the man faintly saying, “help me, help me.”  And it was coming from inside the house, or rather under the house.

As I moved closer to the building, I peeked through a small window into the basement, and there I saw a man lying on his side holding his back.  He shouted for me to come in the side door.

Well, it turns out he had fallen down the basement stairs, and wrenched his back.  He was unable to walk and was in too much pain to crawl back up the stairs.

Fortunately I had heard his silent calls for help.  It didn’t really surprise me because I feel I’ve always had an ability to pick up on someone’s thoughts.  This time, however, my psychic ability really paid off.

Dillard Kizer
Minneapolis, MN

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