Tuesday, September 08th, 2009

“She gripped the steering wheel, and for a moment I thought we were going to crash.”

My name is Jacob and I’ve been interested in parapsychology ever since I was a kid.  Because my intuition is so highly developed, sometimes I feel as if I’m from another planet.

Growing up I remember my mother occasionally asking me if my dad had left work yet.  If I saw a vision of him walking into a store, I would tell her he would surprise her with some chocolates.  As I recall, she never was surprised when my predictions were right on target.  In her later years, she would tell me that my intuition – my psychic abilities – were evident to her even when I was still in the crib.

I have been married three times and divorced three times.  I have six kids and one of them, Seth, has similar abilities to mine.  He and I still play gin rummy together and give each other a look as if to say we know what cards the other person needs.  I still sense when he’ll call seconds before the phone rings.  He tells me he has the same experience.

My wives had mixed feelings about my ability to read their minds.  On the one hand they thought it was “cute;” on the other hand, none of my wives could keep a secret for long.

For instance, my first wife, Kathy, had an affair, and although I knew what was going on, I never revealed it.  That is, until one afternoon when we were driving to a friend’s house.  She happened to mention that I wasn’t as intuitive as I thought I was, and that I often overestimated my talent.

That’s when I dropped the bombshell and told her whom she was seeing and for how long it was going on.  She gripped the steering wheel and for a moment I thought we were going to crash.

J. Erland
Louisville, KY

Category: Psychic Ability
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