Thursday, April 02nd, 2009

“My heart dropped right out of my body.”

I was rushing back home.

After making a lame excuse to my boss, I had left work early because I had a premonition that I was needed, that my presence was necessary.

I didn’t know why I had acted upon it.  I’ve had pessimistic thoughts before and rarely have they reached fruition.  But today the premonition resonated in my soul.  I could feel it all the way to my toes.

And with a pregnant wife and a son who was not quite three years old, I couldn’t take the chance that I wasn’t needed.

I pulled up into the driveway and burst out of the car only to have Mindy come running up to me.  She said a terrible thing had occurred, and my heart dropped right out of my body.

To my relief (and I will forever feel guilty about it), our dog Sandy had been run over by a car only minutes before.

Fortunately, Sandy suffered mostly superficial injuries, and after a couple of days at the vets, she returned with a limp but not much more.  She was lucky.

Mindy asked why I had suddenly come screeching up to the house unannounced, and why I wasn’t at work.  I explained my premonition, and it was then she said she had a similar feeling as well.

This wasn’t a surprise as Mindy and I are soul mates and we have often had similar thoughts rushing through our heads at the same time.

D. Eckerston
Hartford, CO

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