Tuesday, April 06th, 2010

“I pick up on the thoughts of my brother who lives three thousand miles away.”

When I was nine years old, I was seriously injured on my bike when a car sideswiped me.

Unconscious for several days, I awoke in the hospital and couldn’t remember a thing.  Fortunately, the only long-lasting physical problem is I walk with a slight limp.  But I believe something happened to me during those days of unconsciousness because ever since I’ve had a sort of sixth sense.

Although I can’t predict everything that is going to happen, I do have special insights into certain things.  For example, when the airplane went down in the Hudson River in New York, I had a premonition in a dream the night before.  I could see people streaming from the plane onto life rafts and could see that the shoreline was nearby.  I could also see the skyscrapers in the distance.

Long before President Obama decided to run for office, I envisioned a young thin black man addressing a pool of reporters while standing behind a podium affixed with the presidential seal.  And behind him were seated his wife and two young children, both girls.

Sometimes I pick up on the thoughts of my brother who lives three thousand miles away on the other side of the continent.  I’ll call him up afterwards and tell him what he was thinking.  This never fails to startle him.

We are only two years apart, but it is as if we had been born identical twins.  We look alike, think alike and are in the same profession, dentistry.  However, he doesn’t have the premonitions or ESP that I have.

Donnie Schoof
White Plains, NY

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